Must Reads Dyslexia

Reading Pens for dyslexia, Top 10 Best cpens dyslexia

Learn about how reading pens can help a dyslexic child read and write. See a list of the top 10 best c-pens to help with dyslexia.

What colour overlay is best for dyslexia?

Coloured overlays are often recommended for dyslexic children. Learn more about which coloured filters appear to work best.

Will my Child have Dyslexia if I do? Is dyslexia inherited from mum and dad?

Can dyslexia be passed down from grandparents, to parents and children? Understand genetic links to dylexia.

Top 10 Apps, What apps help Kids with Dyslexia?

Try dyslexia friendly apps to help your dyslexic child learn reading. See top 10 apps and links to download them.

Words that Are Hard for Dyslexics to Read and Spell

Discover what words a dyslexic child may find challenging to read, write and spell. Understand why they struggle with these words.

Top 100 Famous People with Dyslexia

List of top 100 famous people with dyslexia, that have achieved great things. Use this list to inspire a dyslexic child.

Year 6 & 2 SATS Exams and Dyslexia. Do dyslexic children get extra time?

Dyslexic children are entitled to special exam arrangements. Learn what they are and if your child qualifies.

Signs of Dyslexia in 6 Year Old Child

Learn about signs of dyslexia in child aged 6. Spot signs in their writing. Understand what they should be learning in class.

Spot Dyslexia in Child's Writing, Look for Common Signs

Look for the common signs of dyslexia in a child's writing. Clear examples of errors in writing associated with dyslexia.

Dyslexia assessment for children 5 to 10 years old

Learn about formal dyslexia assessments. Get jargon-free answers to your questions.

Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia And Dysgraphia Explained In Simple Terms

Understand differences between learning difficulties like Dyslexia. Such as Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia.

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