Understand Dyslexia

The most common questions answered, common myths busted. Learn about the different types of dyslexia and how the dyslexic brain works. Spot the early signs in their writing, speaking and reading.

Play False or True Game, Bust Myths about Dyslexia

Separate dyslexia fact from fiction, with this fun game. Help child to understand dyslexia, let them decide if information on the card is false or true.

Spot Dyslexia in Child's Writing, Look for Common Signs

Look for the common signs of dyslexia in a child's writing. Clear examples of errors in writing associated with dyslexia.

Signs Of Dyslexia In 5 To 10 Year Olds

Spot the early signs of dyslexia. Clear examples of how dyslexia can show, such as in a child's speech development.

How To Explain Dyslexia To A Child

Who, How, When, What? of dyslexia. Start talking about dyslexia to the child, by answering common questions.

Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia And Dysgraphia Explained In Simple Terms

Understand differences between learning difficulties like Dyslexia. Such as Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia.

How Does Dyslexia Work In The Brain

Dyslexic kids are super-powered thinkers. Explain how they use the right-side of their brain more and the skills this brings.

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The Dyslexia Show

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