Top 5 Improve Dyslexia Handwriting Ages 5-7+ Kids - How to Help Dyslexic child at Home

“It was at parents' evening, when the teacher showed me her books, that I could really see how dyslexia effected her handwriting. Lots of the letters were written backwards like a mirror, they looked jumbled and messy. Some letters were much bigger than others, words had tiny gaps between them and she found it hard to write on lines. The teachers said doing handwriting practice at home would help. I used special pens, paper and worksheets to help her enjoy practising handwriting. Now she writes much better”. Parent of dyslexic child

What are the facts, Dyslexia and Handwriting?

  • Dyslexia signs in writing: Look for letter reversals, poorly formed letters, too big/small spacing and unusual spelling.
  • Mirroring Writing: Normal for young children, but past age 7 could signal dyslexia.
  • Improving Handwriting: Tracing letters builds muscle memory and will improve handwriting.
  • Early intervention is key: Helping a dyslexic child with handwriting as early as possible is important. 
  • Top 5 Handwriting Essentials Under £10! Makes practising handwriting fun!

    1. Easy grip writing pen: Dyslexic kids my find it hard and painful to hold pens. Try this specially shaped pen, available also in left-handed. Shop now Stabilo Easy Original Amazon.

    2. Coloured A4 lined paper: -  Some dyslexic kids find it easier to write on coloured paper, as it glares less then white and it make writing more fun. Shop now Koogel Binder Refills Paper Amazon.

    3. Age appropriate flashcards: For handy list of words to pratise handwriting try age appropriate flashcards. Available with KS1 and KS2 level words. Shop now:

    4. Tracing worksheets: Like the worksheets that are used in schools, try tracing sheets that are pre-printed with letters and words. Shop now:

    5. Practise Book with extra wide lines: Try notebooks with extra wide lines, to help dyslexic kids to gradually make their letters smaller and neater. Shop now Handwriting Practice Paper: 100 Blank Writing Pages Amazon

    Top Tips Dyslexic Mum

    To help you practising tracing letters/words with your dyslexic child, try the Mooki Cards "Practise Writing Card".

    It takes just 10 mins to use and includes lots of top tips.

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    Everything You Need To Help A Dyslexic Child! Mooki Cards Shop Now!

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