Dyslexia assessment for children 5 to 10 years old

Speaking to school teachers about dyslexia can be very stressful. They can use educational words, making it difficult to know how to help your child. The teacher may say the child has to have a formal dyslexia assessment. A formal dyslexia diagnosis, before they will support them at school.

The dyslexia tests are not done by the school and they are expensive. So it can all be, so confusing.

A thousand questions run through your mind. What is the Test? Should we get the test? Will it help?!!!

To help answer your questions, below is the "Formal Assessment" card and link to "Step by Step Guide to Assessments".

What age can a child be tested, assessed for dyslexia?

A child cannot be formally assessed for dyslexia until they are aged 7. Yet they can have an informal dyslexia screening test from the age 5.

Screening tests are informal, usually done at school via an online dyslexia test. They can be inaccurate, so a formal dyslexia assessment is much better.

Learn more See Step By Step Guide to Formal Dyslexia Assessments

How do you get a child assessed for dyslexia?

To get a child assessed for dyslexia, you will need to organise a formal dyslexia assessment. These assessments can only be done by trained professionals. A formal dyslexia assessment may result in a formal dyslexia diagnosis.

The formal assessment will also diagnosis if the child has another similar learning difficulty, such as Dysgrahia, Dyscalulia or Dyspraxia. Below are the answer to top question about dyslexia assesments:

  • What is a Formal Dyslexia Assessment? It is test to assess if a child or adult has dyslexia. If they do, they will get a formal dyslexia diagnosis.
  • Who can do the Dyslexia Assessment? It can only be done by a trained professional, such as an Education Psychologist.
  • How much does a dyslexia assessment cost? It is expensive and can cost on average £500+.
  • How does a dyslexia assessment help a child? A formal dyslexia diagnosis means the child is legally entitled to extra help. Funding for equipment is available, depending on their age and country of residents.

Learn more about formal dyslexia assessments, see "NHS Dyslexia Diagnosis".

How can I get my child tested for dyslexia?

Dyslexia tests for children, can help by giving the child a dyslexia diagnosis. The dyslexia tests are usually organised privately, with a qualified dyslexia assessor. The assessments will include suggestions for changes the child's school can make to help them learn better. Yet they can be expensive and inaccessible to many families.

Formal Assessment Mooki Cards

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To learn more about organising a formal dyslexia assessment for your child. Contact dyslexia associations in your county. In the U.K contact, "The British Dyslexia Association".

Should I get my child assessed for dyslexia?

Deciding if you should get your child assessed for dyslexia, really depends on the quality of teaching your child is getting at school. If they are already being taught in a dyslexic friendly way, a dyslexia diagnosis will not improve the quality of teaching.

If the child is struggling at school, even with a formal dyslexia assessment and teaching recommendations. The school may not have the trained staff to help a dyslexic child learn and make the reasonable adjustments. Learn more about how a dyslexic child can be helped to learn:

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Are formal dyslexia assessments worth it?

Dyslexia assessments are expensive and usually have to be arranged privately. There are many pros and cons to dyslexia assessments.

A formal assessment will only diagnose a child as being dyslexic, they will still need to be taught in a dyslexia friendly way. Then this is dependent on if the child's school is able to put in place the adjustments recommended on the dyslexia assessment report.

Below are answers to some top questions. To help you decide if it's worth getting your child formally assessed for dyslexia.

  • Do they need a formal diagnosis? Remember if a child is struggling in class, they should be given extra support. Given the help they need to catch-up, even without a formal dyslexia diagnosis.
  • Is the test worth it? If the child is already getting extra help at school, they may not need the test. Having a formal dyslexia assessment won't help the child learn. It still needs teachers to help them and put in the right dyslexia support.
  • What dyslexia help can they get? If the child does have dyslexia, the test will suggest things the teachers can do to help them. This is called making "Reasonable Adjustments".
  • What can the child get funding for? Funding is available for equipment to help with dyslexia, such a computers and books. This is usually only available at college or university, not at school in the U.K.
  • Does the child get a EHCP after this assessment? The child is not automatically given a "Educational Health Care Plan". Getting this plan is a long process, organised by your local educational authority.

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