Dyslexia test - the ultimate guide

Dyslexia tests can be very confusing. You may have spotted the signs of dyslexia in your child's written work or behaviour. Maybe your child's school teachers have noticed they have been struggling in class.

At this stage, the next step is to get the child tested for dyslexia. It can be confusing to know the difference between dyslexia tests. Below is a step by step guide to getting your child tested for dyslexia.

About Dyslexia Tests

Dyslexia tests can be taken by both children and adults. There are different types of dyslexia tests, depending on the needs of the individual. Some dyslexia test are free and easy to access. Other more formal dyslexia tests can be expensive and have to be done by a qualified professional. The different types of dyslexia tests are listed below:

- Online Dyslexia Tests
- Dyslexia Screening Tests
- Formal Dyslexia Tests
- LEA Dyslexia Tests

Where to get an online Dyslexia Test?
Dyslexia tests can be done online in the form of quizzes, checklists and questions. These online dyslexia tests are a guide to help parents and carers spot the signs of dyslexia. The results of online tests should be used as a guide only, it is important to speak to the child's school to get help. See online dyslexia tests below:

- Made by Dyslexia Quiz
- NHS Dyslexia Checklist
- Online Dyslexia Test
- Signs of Dyslexia Age 5-10

Best Online Dyslexia Screening Tests for Children
An initial dyslexia screening test can be done online. A screening test may-be done by a child's school teachers, if they think the child may have dyslexia. To check if they child has signs of dyslexia. The results of these tests should be used as a guide, as they can give incorrect results. Saying a child is not dyslexic, when they are. See dyslexia screening tests below:

- Free Dyslexia Screening Test
- Free Dyslexia Test Ages 5- 7
- Free Online Dyslexia Test Kids
- Top 5 Free Kids Dyslexia Tests

How to get a formal dyslexia test, assessment and diagnosis?
Children can take a formal dyslexia test from age 7. This dyslexia test can only be done by a trained professional, such an educational psychologist. I did not have a dyslexia test until I was aged 20, so it is never too late to have one. To learn more about dyslexia assessments and how to organise a dyslexia test see links below:

- List of approved dyslexia assessors U.K
- Step by Step Guide Formal Dyslexia Tests

Formal dyslexia tests are expensive and can cost £600+ to have done. They are usually done privately and it can be hard to find funding to pay for them. The benefits of having a private dyslexia test, are that a person will be formally diagnosed with dyslexia.

LEA Dyslexia Tests
Dyslexia is a learning difficulty and a recognised disability. This means that any dyslexic adult or child is protected by the equality act. Dyslexic children and students should be given reasonable adjustments to help them. Such as extra one to one teaching support and extra time in exams. Dyslexic students at university are given extra funding for equipment and private tutoring.

Which is best a dyslexia screening test or a formal dyslexia assessment?
If you are unable to afford to pay for a private dyslexia test. An on-line dyslexia screening test can be done for free. This test gives an idea of the chances the individual has dyslexia. These tests can only be done by schools and education establishments. Yet they show areas where more help is needed and teachers can give dyslexia support using the results.

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Spot the signs of dyslexia

Before requesting a dyslexia test, it is good to have examples of why you think your child has dyslexia. See link for ways to spot the early signs of dyslexia.

Talk to School about Dyslexia Tests

Your child' school teachers maybe able to offer a informal dyslexia screening test. This could done at the school and this maybe enough for your child to get the extra help they need. However the school may request a formal dyslexia assessment test. Before offering extra support.

See link below for advice on the correct questions to ask teachers. To ensure your child gets the right support.

Formal Dyslexia Assessments

Learn what is a formal dyslexia test, also know as a dyslexia assessment. Understand if your child would benefit from having this test. What changes their school could make to create a dyslexia friendly learning environment. To help your child best learn.

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