Dealing with Anger in Children, Top Parenting Tips

Even after trying everything to avoid your child having an angry outburst, sometimes they just will. This can be stressful, even scary, as the child shouts, hits and throws things. Read below the different ways parents/ carers may have dealt with a child having an angry outburst.

Angry Meltdowns

Try the different ideas below when your child has an angry outburst. Any that work for you and the child, use again when needed.

  • When I started shouting too, it made it worse!
  • Her bedroom was quiet, calm so I took her there.
  • "You are too nice to kick, you are a good boy", I would tell him.
  • I showed I was listening, by repeating back his words.
  • It was better to move on, not punish her for it.
  • "Its ok to be angry, but tell me why?" I would ask.
  • She would get more angry when I said I would take her toys away!
  • I would say "ssh listen, what's that noise". Anything to distract.
  • It was ok to meet her half-way, it was not just giving in.
  • When he hit,  I would tell him. "No you don't hit".
  • I don't even try to speak, until he is calmer.
  • Making her feel in control helped, asking "how can I help you?".
  • When he made demands, I would say "Explain how can I do that?".
  • After I would ask, "how did losing control feel?".

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