Give Comfort

Help them open up by giving them new ways to communicate how they are feeling and thinking. Tackle angry outbursts by recognising triggers and practise effective ways to calm them down.

Simple Way for Dyslexic Child to Show if they Need Help

Make it simple and easy, for a child to let you know if they need more help. Use this Traffic Light card at school or at home.

Create Calm Corner for School & Homework

A calm corner helps a dyslexic child feel relaxed when doing school and homework. Give them the freedom to move around and take breaks.

Calming Yoga Poses for Dyslexic Children

Use yoga to calm down and relax a dyslexic child. Poses to help them unwind after school and focus on homework.

Dyslexia support for adults with children 5 to 10 years old

Take time for yourself, away from caring for a dyslexic child. Relax, refresh, so you can continue to be their adult champion.

Challenge A Child's Negative Thoughts And Feelings About Dyslexia

Turn negative thoughts into positive ones. Challenge damaging self-beliefs and help dyslexic children believe in themselves.

Dyslexia Support And Treatment For Anxiety In Children With Strong Emotions

Strong emotions can make dyslexic children feel depressed and anxious. Start talking to them about their feelings.

How To Avoid Mood Swings and Angry Outbursts In Dyslexic Kids

Spot frustrations building, avoid stressful situations that lead to angry outbursts. Help a dyslexic child manage their angry triggers.

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