Build Confidence

Build the child’s confidence, by showing them how dyslexia can become their superpower. Encourage them to focus on what they are good at and start to enjoy learning.

Fun Tongue Twister Game to Practice Word Sounds

Can the child say these tongue twisters rhymes, extra fast? This is a hilarious game to play to help the child practice their words sounds.

It's Yes Day!! Put Dyslexic Child in Charge and Have Lots of Fun

Have fun, bond with your child by having a "Yes Day". Put the child in charge with these fun ideas.

Give Dyslexic Children Helpful Fact Based Praise

Learn the difference between praise and fact based praise. Help the dyslexic child by giving praise that helps them to improve.

Famous People With Dyslexia (Game)

Inspire a dyslexic child to believe they too can do amazing things. Show them famous dyslexic role models and talk about what they have achieved.

How To Help A Child Struggling With Reading By Becoming A Reading Champion

Readers do better at school. Encourage dyslexic child to enjoy reading more books.

Building Confidence In A Dyslexic Child

Build dyslexic child's confidence, make a self-esteem sun. Talk about their talents and positive qualities.

The Best Future Jobs For Children With Dyslexia

Believe in the child. Show them their talents, skills and their future job opportunities.

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“This (Mooki Cards) has been our game changer. Never before did he get any, last week we had 9 outta 12”

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“Dyslexic Mum has some wonderful really useful cards, you can read through them yourself and use some together. I'm finding them really useful as is my son”

Laura W


The Dyslexia Show

You need to get these cards, so much useful information and help

Amanda F

“We used the morning check list with pictures, the last few days it has made her less anxious visually seeing how much (little) she had to do. Great tip”

Laura W