Get Organised

Start to help the child become independent and motivated. Give them the tools to get organised, both at school and at home. Making healthy habits a part of their daily routine.

Motivate, Praise and Encourage Dyslexic Child, use a Reward Chart

Learn how to make a reward chart, to encourage a dyslexic child to stick to tasks. Give rewards that are healthy and fun.

How To Help A Dyslexic Child Focus

Make a Goal Ladder to help dyslexic child work towards a goal. Use to focus and motive, by breaking task into manageable chunks.

How To Raise An Independent Child With Dyslexia

Get ready for school on time, give dyslexic child this picture checklist. Encourage them to become more independent.

Bedtime Routine - Calm Behaviour for Restful Sleep Dyslexic Kids

Follow this good bed-time routine, to wind-down child before bed. Help calm hyper behaviour, for restful sleep.

Getting Organised for School With Dyslexic Kids

Remember school time-table, when to bring P.E, swimming kit. Learn to make a picture time-table.

Healthy Habits That Calm ADHD And Dyslexia behaviour problems

Promote good mental and physical health. Help get child in healthy habits and calm ADHD type behaviour.

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“Dyslexic Mum has some wonderful really useful cards, you can read through them yourself and use some together. I'm finding them really useful as is my son”

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The Dyslexia Show

You need to get these cards, so much useful information and help

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“We used the morning check list with pictures, the last few days it has made her less anxious visually seeing how much (little) she had to do. Great tip”

Laura W