Dyslexia Champions, Teaching Assistant Awards 2023

Time to celebrate the unsung hero's found in every school, teaching assistants. These hard working members of staff, often work with children with dyslexia. Showing great commitment, patience and knowledge. Teaching assistants are the dyslexia champion every child needs!

Winner Announced 2023

Congratulations to the amazing Mark Cooper!

Winner of the 2023 Dyslexic Mum TA awards.

Recognising teaching assistants that are dyslexic champions. Mark has gone above and beyond in his job. To help students with dyslexia in his role as a TA in a FE college.

Whilst the award comes from Dyslexic Mum, in association with Twinkl Teaching Assistants. It has very much come from all the people who voted for Mark Coopers. People who recognise his commitment and hard work. His fellow work colleagues, parents/carers of those he teaches, the students themselves and his friends and family.

Congratulations Mark Cooper, there are many people that are very proud of you.

I would also like to mention the others TA's that were nominated for the awards. To thank them for their hard work and dedication to dyslexic children.

You all had many votes from those who recognise and value the good work you do. Well done, you really are all dyslexic champions!

🙂 Mrs Ward

🙂 Alison Keatman

🙂 Mrs Sara Hayes

🙂 Mrs Brown

🙂 Mrs Hannah Turton

In Association with Twinkl

The awards are being run in association with Twinkl. The team at "Twinkl Teaching Assistant Digest". Who will be taking part in selecting the shortlist and will be running a feature on the nominees. To learn more see:

Nominate Dyslexia Champion

Do you know a teaching assistant, dyslexia champion that has gone above and beyond to help a child?

Give them the recognition they deserve. Nominate them for the "Teaching Assistant 2023" award. To enter simply message via the contact form. Giving details of the teaching assistants name and school. Explaining what makes them a dyslexia champion.

Parents, teachers or members of SLT can nominate a TA. If you are a TA you can nominate a colleague.

Deadline for entries is 12th May 2023.

Teaching Assistant Award

From the list of nominees, 5 teaching assistants will be shortlisted. A special feature will be written about all the nominees. This will be published in the "Twinkl Teaching Assistant Digest" and here on the "Dyslexic Mum" web-site.

Shortlist Announced 21st June 2023

The winner will then be chosen to receive the "Teaching Award 2023". Presented with a prize trophy and certificate!

Final award will be given on 20th July 2023

To keep up to date with the awards like "Dyslexic Mum FB Page".

Good luck and look forward to your entries:)

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