Free Diagnostic Assessments for Dyslexia, Parliament Petition Sign Now!

The dyslexia system is unfair, broken and favours children from high income families. Diagnostic assessments for dyslexia, should be free for all children. For those aged 7-19, in formal full-time education.

£600+ it costs for a diagnostic assessment for dyslexia. Money many parents and carers do not have. Many schools refuse to give dyslexia support without a formal assessment. Few schools, LEAs will pay for the diagnostic assessment for dyslexia. Yet many say they do not have the funding parents, careers have to pay.

Dyslexia is a protected learning difficulty, under the 2010 equality act. Yet without a formal dyslexia diagnosis. Many dyslexic children are not getting the reasonable adjustments they need. Such as extra one to one tutor support and extra time in exams. Dyslexic children are unable to apply for a ECHP, without a formal dyslexia diagnosis. This means a child can miss out on funding. For special technology to help them learn and private tutor support.

Help for dyslexic children should not be an elitist system. That benefits families that have high income. Those that can afford to pay for a diagnostic assessment for dyslexia.

Free Dyslexia Assessments for Children

Dyslexic Mum has started a U.K government and parliament petition. Campaigning for formal dyslexia assessments to be free for all children. Paid for by the U.K government.

If you sign this petition. Then get just 2 members of your family or friends to sign it. We will have 10,000 votes! The government will then have to write a letter. Showing why they won't make dyslexia assessments free for all children!

This issue could then be spoken about in parliament and things may change.It is possible, only this year has the government made childcare free for children under 2 years old. They found the money to do that, they can find the money to do this!!

Please show your support and sign: Fund free Diagnostic Assessments for Dyslexia for all Children aged 7-19

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