How to get dyslexia help from school, handy letter template to send!

Getting your child's school to give the right kind of dyslexia support can be a struggle. Teachers can appear not to listen or don't fully communicate what support they are giving.  

Arranging Dyslexia Meeting

Yet getting help for dyslexia. Is about asking the right questions, to the right members of school staff. This can be done by organising a meeting with the child's school teacher and the SENCO (special educational needs co-ordinator).

In the meeting you would need to discuss. What arrangements the school will make to support the child with dyslexia. This may-be done in the form of the teachers writing a IELP (individual educational learning plan). Sometimes known as a pupil passport. The teachers may also talk about organising a formal dyslexia assessment for the child.

Dyslexia Support Parents Role

As the parent/carer of the child you know the child best. The meeting can be a chance to talk about the emotional impact dyslexia is having on your child.

In a class of 30 children, it can be difficult for a teacher to fully understand a child's educational and emotional needs.  At the meeting you could talk about maybe how your child gets distressed about reading out loud in class. This is something they only talk about at home.

Regular Dyslexia Meetings

It is important that to fully support the child, both teachers and parents/carers need to work together. That meetings are held regularly throughout the year, so teachers, parents and careers. Can communicate with each other the educational and emotional needs of the child.

How to Get Dyslexia Support

To learn more about how to get dyslexia support, see the following section.

Spot Signs of Dyslexia

Before approaching the child's teachers. It is good to have three examples of why you think they are dyslexic. Read this handy guide to learn more about dyslexia, the signs and how to help.

Letter Template Get School Help Dyslexia

Below is a letter template that can be copied and sent to a child's school to request dyslexia support.

Dear Head of Year,

I would like to request a meeting regarding my child showing the signs of dyslexia.

The signs I have spotted are as follows. The impact is that (insert name) is falling behind in class:




At the meeting I would like to discuss a IELP/ Passport being written for my child. To monitor (insert name) progress and to help (insert name) catch-up.

I would also like to discuss. The possibility of a dyslexia screening test and dyslexia assessment, being arranged by school.

The meeting would be most effective if the following members of staff were able to attend.

1. Class Teacher

2. Class Teaching Assistant


After the meeting I would then like a follow-up meeting of half an hour, every half-term. So we can discuss any concerns regarding (insert name) progress.

To confirm can the following please be arranged:

1. Meeting to discuss extra support.

2. IELP/ Passport written.

3. Follow-up meeting held every half-term.

Finally I would request that all this support is put in place even without a full dyslexia assessment. To ensure (insert name) is able to progress and does not further fall behind in class. 

Please send a time and date for the initial meeting.


(Parent/carer Name)

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