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Dyslexic Mum was founded by Collette Costello, a qualified college lecturer. It is a community-led technology company. Aiming to change the world for the better. An e-learning platform, designed to support parents of dyslexic children. To learn more see links below:

Top 10 Achievements in 2023

Here are the top 10 achievements of 2023:

2023 was a busy year for "Dyslexic Mum". Here are the top 10 achievements of 2023:

  1. Spoke at Reframe Women In Tech Conference, about my dyslexia journey. This was held at Old Trafford Cricket Club.
  2. Appeared on BBC radio Manchester with simone riley. And on the "Unique Eye" dyslexia podcast. Talking about why I started Dyslexic Mum.
  3. Built confidence to follow my business goals by attending confidence and business training. Hosted by Naomi Timperley FRSA for Creative UK and Penny Haslam FPSA for The Confidence Collective.
  4. Hosted Dyslexia Teaching Assistant Awards in association with Twinkl Educational Publishing. Recognising the unsung heroes of dyslexia, the winner was the amazing Mark Cooper
  5. The Facebook support group grew to over 3.5 thousand members. Offering community support to parents/carers of dyslexic children.
  6. The website in just 1 year has grown from 1 to 20 thousand visitors. That is 20 thousand people I am now helping online.
  7. The Dyslexic Mum "Mooki Cards" kit, has been purchased by many customers and I have had no returns! The average is 40% for online purchases. I have sold to customers in UK, USA, New Zealand and Australia.
  8. Dyslexic Mum hosted a number of free courses to help parents of dyslexic children. Including a "6 week Dyslexia Summer Boot-camp" and "Managing Angry Outbursts" workshop.
  9. Hosted a live webinar with "Evolve Dyslexia Solutions", a panel of dyslexia experts.
  10. Dyslexic Mum became a CIC in 2023. This means the work I do to support dyslexic children is now non for profit.

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“This (Mooki Cards) has been our game changer. Never before did he get any, last week we had 9 outta 12”

Lyndsey D

“Dyslexic Mum has some wonderful really useful cards, you can read through them yourself and use some together. I'm finding them really useful as is my son”

Laura W


The Dyslexia Show

You need to get these cards, so much useful information and help

Amanda F

“We used the morning check list with pictures, the last few days it has made her less anxious visually seeing how much (little) she had to do. Great tip”

Laura W