It's Yes Day!! Put Dyslexic Child in Charge and Have Lots of Fun

Have you watched the film "Yes Day"? My girls loved it. The family in the film a have day where the children, get to decide what they do that day. The parents are not allowed to say no and they find themselves in many hilarious situations. Dressing as super-heroes, and eating ice-cream for breakfast. At the end of the film the family have bonded and the children feel like they are valued by their parents.

It can feel like as a mum, that when my little girl can not do things ,that I should do them for her. That when she misbehaves or seems too immature to do things, that I should shop her doing them. Yet it is the opposite. Giving children more freedom and responsibility, can make them feel important and like they want to try their best. I have designed the card below to help you have fun and to give your child chance to be in charge for the day.

Yes Day Card

The Mooki Cards contain a “Yes Day” card. Ideas to help dyslexic child take the lead. Use the card below on your phone or tablet for free!

This card is based on scientific research, in the book "The Self Driven Child".

Encourage Independence

  • Putting a child in charge, builds their leaderships skills, sense of responsibility and confidence. The child maybe more focused, engaged and have the motivation to do a good job.
  • Dyslexic children struggle with understanding situations and instructions. By letting them take the lead in organising activities, they may feel more in control, be more engaged.
  • Giving a child more responsibility shows trust and respect. Having choices and freedom, can help a child learn quicker and become independent.

To learn more, see "Turning Children into Leader".

Family Bonding Time

Top Tips from Dyslexic Mum

Nature Born Leaders - Dyslexic children are more likely to become self-made millionaires. They are nature entrepreneurs and leaders. Doing a "Yes Day", helps them show what they can do and builds their confidence.

Helicopter Parenting - It is tempting to over-parent a child. Wanting to solve all their problems. Protecting them from all life's problems can make a child feel suppressed. The child maybe then more likely to rebel, and make poor decisions.

Family Bonding - Allowing your child to take the lead on "Yes Day". To have choices, to succeed, fail, shows you trust them. This makes the child feel valued, respected and helps them trust you more back.

All the cards are available as part of a "Mooki Cards". Complete with 56 cards and storage wallet. Perfect for using at home or in the classroom. Order your "Mooki Cards" here!

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