Assistive Technology Examples To Help Dyslexic Children Learn

Babies are learning to use an iPad, a computer and phones before they can even speak. My little girl beat me at computer games, yet she struggled to write her own name.

I am dyslexic and rely on spell checker to write letters. To help me write essays for university, I used special computer software. I may not have got my degree, if such technology was not available. Technology is great for a dyslexic child. They can use it to understand questions and give answers. Making them more equal to other children in their class.

Assistive Tech Card

The Mooki Cards contains a “Assistive Tech” card. To help understand what technologies can help a dyslexic child learn. Use the card below on your phone or tablet for free!

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Technologies to Help Dyslexic Kids

  • Technology to help dyslexic children is often called assistive technology. This technology may already be on a computer or tablet. Available in the "Accessibility Settings".
  • Specialist software can also be downloaded or purchased to use on a computer. These softwares can read out the text on the screen to the child and can also record what they say, turning it into text. This helps children that struggle to read and write, learn and record their ideas.
  • Products are available that be used without a computer, such as scanning pens. The pens scan the texted on a page and reads it aloud to the child.

Accessibility Matters Dyslexia

Top Tips from Dyslexic Mum

  • Accessibility Settings - It is amazing what a computer or tablet can already do. They have specially designed features to help disabled people, in the accessibility setting. Google where to find them on your computer and how to use them.
  • Is it Cheating?- It is not cheating to use technologies to help a dyslexic child learn. Dyslexia does not affect intelligence, the technology simply helps the child understand. It makes it easier for them to read questions and get their ideas out. The technology does not come up with the answers for them.
  • Try Before Buying - Dyslexia technologies, products and softwares can be expensive. The child may prefer some technologies and may not find others useful. Before buying ask at school or the local library, to see if they have any technologies to trial.

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