Bedtime Routine - Calm Behaviour for Restful Sleep Dyslexic Kids

Did you know children need between 10 to 12 hours sleep per night? My girls are so grouchy the next day, if they have not had enough sleep. This must effect their behaviour and concentration at school.

Getting them to bed can be a challenge. The more tired they get, the more hyper their behaviour can be. They need time to wind-down, to become calm enough to sleep. Going to bed relaxed, makes a difference to how well they sleep and makes them much happier the next day.

Bedtime Routine Card

The Mooki Cards contain a “Bedtime Routine” card. To help dyslexic children learn through play. Use the card below on your phone or tablet for free!

This card is based on scientific research, on "Benefits of Bedtime Routine in Young Children".

Benefits of Good Bedtime Routine

  • A bedtime routine is necessary to wind-down a child before sleep. Following the same activities during the routine, signals to the child that it is time to relax.
  • A predictable bedtime routine makes the child feel safe, sleep less scary. It helps them learn to fall to sleep on their own and have a better nights sleep.
  • Sleep is so important for children, it is a time when they are growing. A chance for their brain to take in all the information they have learned that day.

Learn more about good bedtime routines, see "Bedtime Routines for children".

Wind-down Ideas

Top Tips from Dyslexic Mum

  • 1 Hour: Start bedtime routine 1 hour before bedtime. Show clear signs routine has started, close curtain, dim lights.
  • No Screens: Turn-off all screens, T.V, I-pads, I-phones. Digital devices give off blue light, this stops body getting ready to sleep.  
  • Feel Safe - A child needs to feel safe to sleep well at night. If they feel scared going to bed, they may wake-up a lot in the night. Make them feel safe by bringing teddies to bed, have a night-light and stay in the bedroom until they fall to sleep.
  • Talk - Dyslexic children have so many ideas and information whirling round in their head. Before bed they may need to get all these idea out, so have a chat with them about their day. Answer any questions they have.

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