Day 2 How you feeling today? Avoiding Angry Outbursts Parenting Workshop

Day 2 of the parenting workshop is to help you start talking to the child about their emotions. The task below needs to be completed with the child, it will take just 10-15 mins.

The avoiding angry outbursts parenting work-shop, is designed to help you learn how to help the child. Behind anger is often a mixture of negative emotions and self-beliefs. This can led to a child feeling angry and display as an angry outburst.

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How are you feeling today?

Simple way to explain feelings to the child!

Talking about your feelings is important. It can help you understand why you feel angry, sad or scared. Simply sharing your feelings can make you feel better and understand what is making you feel like that. Lets do the task together, so you can show how you are feeling.

Task 2

Lets find out how the child is feeling by doing an Emoji Check-in. Complete the Daily Emoji Check-in activity worksheet, with the child. To do this print or the work-sheet below. Then follow the instructions below:

Child Role

  • Show how you feel today, by filling in only 1 square on the sheet.
  • You can show how you feel by drawing a picture, writing a word or by scribbling a colour.
  • If you want to talk more about what is making you feel that way. Speak to your grown-up

Adult Role

  • Use this activity to understand how the child is feeling today.
  • If the child is struggling to understand their emotion. Use the faces on the "Emoji Checkin" card.
  • For practical advice about speaking about feelings. Complete the next activity.

Example of completed sheet

The sheet has 6 boxes, fill-in a single box per day. The sheet can be completed six days in a row, or every few days. The activity can be repeated every week if the child finds it useful.

Dyslexic Mum Diary

My little girl is aged 7, just started year 3. Today we did the emoji check-in. I have done this with her before, yet it is good to do them regularly and I keep one on the fridge.

It was a good morning yesterday and my little girl, drew a happy face.

I asked her "why?"

She said "There has been no rushing or shouting today".

It is half-term and getting ready for school can be a rush. I realised that we needed to do more to get organised in the mornings to make them less stressful. To do this we will start using the "School Ready" card again.

My little girl as you can imagine is not always happy. When she is feeling angry or sad, she will sometimes draw on the emoji chart faces and bring it too me. To show me how she is feeling. You can see on the last photo the little angry and sad faces.

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