Avoiding Angry Outburst Parenting Workshop

Join the "Avoid Angry Outburst" parenting workshop. To empower you, to help your dyslexic child regulate their emotions. Helping to stop emotions bottling-up and coming out as angry outbursts.

Children can bottle-up all their feelings and this can lead to angry outbursts. Behind their anger can be fear, frustration and sadness.

Who is it for?

Does your child come home from school and explode? Are they prone to angry outbursts and tantrums?

This workshop is designed for parents/ carers, even teachers of dyslexic children. Giving you the tools to talk to a dyslexic child about their feelings.

What is it?

Frustrated, angry children may struggle to learn. Learning how to help them, to help prevent anger building. Can help the child feel more relaxed, positive and ready to learn.

This course will help you start talking to the child about their emotions. You will be shown helpful ways to speak to them to defuse negative feelings, that led to anger. The child will be encouraged to take ownership of their own emotions. To understand what is making them angry and how to deal with this.

  • Do over 5 days, just 10 minutes a day.
  • Boot-camp is not just for Dyslexic children, anyone can join.
  • It is all on-line, so you can dip in and out when works for you.

How to Join?

To take part in the workshop, complete the following tasks. To complete the tasks, first print the worksheets below. These we will be using during the boot-camp. If you unable to print the worksheets, it is fine to draw them instead.


Workshop Worksheets:

To learn how other parents manage their child's anger, check-out the top tips below:

  • Top Tips from parents

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