Day 5 Parent Champions, Avoiding Angry Outbursts Parenting Workshop

Day 5 of the parenting workshop is about self-care. Encouraging you to take time out of your week to relax and recharge. Caring for any child can be tiring. If you are going to be the best version of yourself, it is important that you take time for yourself. By completing a self-care activity, that takes just 10-15 mins.

The avoiding angry outbursts parenting work-shop, is designed to help you learn how to help the child. Behind anger is often a mixture of negative emotions and self-beliefs. This can lead to a child feeling angry and display as an angry outburst.

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Adult Champions

Parenting is tough and it is important you look after yourself. You need to be relaxed, refreshed to be able to give a child the support they need.

Take just 10 mins for yourself. By planning 3 activities for the week, that you will do for yourself. Using the planner below.

Workshop Worksheet

To print or draw the planner, see link:

Task 5

This activity can be repeated weekly, to ensure you are planning time for yourself.

For activity ideas see Adults Champions cards.

Example of completed worksheet

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Mum Diary

A friend invited me to the theatre. Usually I would talk myself out of it. Too expensive, I need to do bedtime, what if one of the kids gets sick!Yet this week was the "Avoiding Angry Outbursts" bootcamp. Day 5 "Me Time". So I knew it was time to put me first.

I find if I react to my child's anger, it makes it worse. Yet when I am tired and not had a break. I get less patient and less able to deal with her anger.This week was also half-term. The holidays are always challenging. So I agreed to go to the theatre. Giving me a well deserved treat to end the week.

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