Dyslexia Teaching Assistant Champions Awards 2024 Winner Prizes

Let's give a big cheer to the unsung heroes in every primary school – our teaching assistants!

These dedicated members of staff often work with children who have dyslexia. With bags of patience, knowledge, and a real commitment to their children. Primary school teaching assistants are the true dyslexia champions every child needs.

Calling all parents and teachers!  Do you know a fantastic primary teaching assistant, who's a champion for children with dyslexia? Is there someone who's gone the extra mile to support a child?

Give them the recognition they deserve! Nominate them for the prestigious "Dyslexia Teaching Assistant Champions 2024" Award.

*** Open only to TA's that work at UK primary schools***

Parents, teachers or members of SLT can nominate a TA. If you are a TA you can nominate a colleague.

Winners Prizes!

The winner will win the prizes below:

  • Physical copy of Mooki cards worth £49.99
  • Amazon voucher worth £20
  • Engraved award trophy & certificate

How to Enter

Visit Dyslexic Mum FB page and see pinned post.

  • Add to comments teaching assistants name.
  • Explain why they are a dyslexic champion.
  • Like and share the post.

Don't add any personal details, such as name of school.

Deadline for entries is 31st May 2024

We will then select the 3 top teaching assistant names/ comments, to make a short list.

You will contacted for further details and special feature will be written about all the nominees.

This will be published in the "Dyslexic Mum" web-site and shared on social media.

Shortlist Announced 21st June 2024

The top 3 will go to a public vote to decide the winner.

Final award winner will be announced 10th July 2023

To keep up to date with the awards like "Dyslexic Mum FB Page".

Good luck and look forward to your entries:)

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