Dyslexia Champions 2024 - No Dyslexic child Left Behind, Mooki Cards Campaign

Dyslexia Help by 2024 - No Child Left Behind

Make 2024 the year that you become a dyslexia adult champion!

Every dyslexic child counts and we won't stop until every dyslexic child has dyslexia help.

We aim that by the end of 2024, that all teachers and parents of a dyslexic child knows how to help.

Mooki Cards by Dyslexic Mum

"My Little girl came home in tears and I knew I had to do something about it. Now I want to help all dyslexic children".

Dyslexic Mum Creator of Mooki Cards

Dyslexia Kit Giveaway!!!!

So everyone knows how to help a dyslexic child in just 10 mins

We are offering free, yes free, PDF copies of our "Mooki Cards" dyslexia kits.

Mooki Cards include 10 min activities and helpful courses. Including:

  • Help with Emotions
  • Getting organised/motivated
  • Learn reading and writing

Mooki Cards for dyslexia support for parents, carers and teachers

Claim your Free Mooki Cards!

To claim your free Mooki Cards do the following 3 things:

Step 1. Watch this video - Learn about Mooki Cards

Step 2. Subscribe to You Tube Channel

Step 3. Claim your free Mooki Cards

Visit the 10 Min Dyslexia Courses page. To find the link to download Mooki cards.

Help Us, Help All Dyslexic Kids!

Help us reach as many dyslexic children as possible in 2024. Follow us and share our posts!

How to Use Mooki Cards?

Learn how to help a dyslexic child in just 10 mins, using your "Mooki Cards" kit. Includes dyslexia made easy video and top tips!

Everything You Need To Help A Dyslexic Child! Mooki Cards Learn More!

All the cards are available as part of a "Mooki Cards". Complete with 56 cards and storage wallet.

Perfect for using at home or in the classroom. Order your "Mooki Cards" here!

Got 90 seconds? Mooki Cards Explained

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Reasons Our Customers Love Us...

“This (Mooki Cards) has been our game changer. Never before did he get any, last week we had 9 outta 12”

Lyndsey D

“Dyslexic Mum has some wonderful really useful cards, you can read through them yourself and use some together. I'm finding them really useful as is my son”

Laura W


The Dyslexia Show

You need to get these cards, so much useful information and help

Amanda F

“We used the morning check list with pictures, the last few days it has made her less anxious visually seeing how much (little) she had to do. Great tip”

Laura W