Dyslexia tools for reading & Do Coloured Filters Work?

Educational shops sell coloured filters, to help dyslexic children read better. They are often the first choice, when choosing dyslexia tools for reading. Coloured filters are simple, easy to use, but do they actually work?

Do Coloured Filters Work?

Here is the truth. There is no scientific evidence, that coloured filters help dyslexic children. Research shows a child's reading may improve, when using a coloured filter for the first time. Yet this can be linked to the filter being a novelty, so the child may focus more. Once the child had used the filter a few times, it stopped working. The evidence was, coloured filters did not improve the child's overall reading level.

Dyslexia & Coloured Filters

When my little girl started showing the signs of dyslexia. I started a dyslexia support group on Facebook, "Dyslexia Mums Support Group U.K". To bring together parents, carers of dyslexic children, so we could all support each other. Parents/carers put posts on the group, asking how to best help their dyslexic child. The question that is asked the most is, "Do coloured filters help and where can they be purchased?".

Parents careers have often been told by school teachers.That coloured filters will help their dyslexic child to read better. Often teachers may lack training in dyslexia. Sadly the use of coloured overlays, can be the only dyslexia support some children get.

Dyslexia Tools for Reading

Remember whilst there is no evidence coloured filters work. If a child is benefiting from using coloured overlays continue to do so. Some dyslexic children find writing on a white background harder to read. Coloured filters can tackle white background glare.

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