Dyslexia Top Children's Story Books

Showing a child a dyslexic role model, can help them feel happier. It can help them understand what dyslexia is and how they can live with it.

The best way to do this is by showing them a story book, featuring a dyslexic character. Here is my top list of children's books about dyslexia.

What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a learning difficulty, that makes writing and spelling difficult.  It can affect a child ability to read and learn. Most importantly, it does not effect intelligence. Dyslexia does not go away and it is a case of learning how to cope with it.

What are the Signs of Dyslexia in Children?

  • Struggling to learn to read
  • Difficulties with concentration
  • Overactive behaviour
  • Poor spelling, writing
  • Unable to understand information
  • Organisation, planning issues

Does being Dyslexic have any Positive?

  • Resilience - It is harder to do things. So dyslexic children learn to work harder and become more resilient.
  • Creative - The dyslexic mind is a creative mind, it works in a different way so can be better at problem solving.
  • Good Talkers - Unable to rely on writing, dyslexic children become great talkers. A great skill to have to build confidence.
  • Storytelling Brain -  Dyslexic children remember things better through stories. They will often use stories to communicate.

What Support is there for Dyslexic Children?

"Students who struggle with reading, writing, and spelling often feel overwhelmed by school. They fear failure, and struggle with anxiety, exhaustion, and low-self esteem." Andra Harris

Being dyslexia does come with it own stresses for children. They really need to be in an environment that is understanding, supportive. If you feel your child is struggling at school, request your teacher offer more support. In the form of a Special Educational Needs Plan. This will ensure they get extra help in class, extra time practising reading and extra time in exams.

To help you child now at home use Dyslexic Mum, "Mooki Cards". Designed especially for parents, to help their children. Contains activities to help them learn. Advice on speaking to schools and help to manage emotions.

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