Top 10 Reasons for Dyslexic Girls to Study Science

At school I struggled at first, now knowing I have dyslexia. Art was my subject, I loved drawing, then I got to around 14 and my brain switched. Suddenly I became this amazing Mathematician. Top of the school for Science and as a teenage girl it was a bit embarrassing. At college I found myself in Maths, Science classes full of boys, the only girl it was awkward.

The difference between boy and girl subjects was very clear. I even had a Physics teacher tell me I should just do my art, when I was getting the same grades as boys. So when it came to university I happily followed my art and STEM subjects became a thing of the past. I sometimes regret not following a career in Science. Girls can I believe become Scientists and do anything they set their mind too.

Only 35% of girls study a Science subject and only 24% of science jobs are held by women STEM Women

Top 10 Dyslexic Girl Scientists

Reasons why dyslexic girls should become scientists.

  • There is no difference between a boys or a girls brain, body that stops a girl being good at Science.
  • All women from the world of science. Marie Curie, Katherine Johnson, Ada Lovelace, Amelia Earhart and Jane Goodall. If they can do it, so can you, your daughter, niece or granddaughter.
  • The world of science needs more girls, if just men work in science. Things that affect only women get forgotten. Car seats are designed for mens bodies, so women get more hurt in accidents.
  • Scientists get paid a lot of money. The average scientist gets paid twice as much as a Primary school teacher, this is a job that more women do.  
  • Girls showing girls they can become Scientists. The more girls that study Science and Maths, the more girls will be inspired to do the same.  
  • Girl Scientists are more likely to help and understand girls. A women would be more likely to invent pregnancy and baby items.
  • More job opportunities for girls. The world of STEM is massive. Everything from make-up, medicine, space travel, communication, computers. The list is endless and so are the jobs.
  • Girls are more likely to live in poverty. They get paid less than men on average, more likely to be single parents and stay at home carers. An education, career in science gives options.  
  • Science is power, more girls working in NASA, in government. Means women's voices are more likely to be heard.  
  • Why not girls, if its your dream just do it! Just because science is full of boys, that teachers tell you to do art instead. That women get treated differently as scientists. Stand-up against all that, you are strong and you have a right to do whatever you want as job.

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