Hard Words for Dyslexics to Read, Learn Tricky Words

"Tricky Words" are words that all children, including dyslexic children find hardest to read. When are children learning to read, they are taught to break words down into sounds. This is called "Phonetics". Tricky words when broken down into sounds and read out-loud, do not sounds like the word. Such as the word "said", when sounded out sounds like "sad". This is why they are called tricky words.

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The United Kingdom has a long history of being invaded and immigration. New settlers such as Romans, Normans, Saxons brought their own language. So the English language is a mix of Latin, French, Dutch and Greek. Making English a very difficult language to learn, as sometimes it makes no sense.

This mix of languages is why "Tricky Words" are not spoken, the same as they are sounded out. The only way to learn "Tricky Words" is to remember the spelling. As dyslexic children struggle with memory this can be harder for them to do.

Teach Dyslexic Children to Read "Tricky Words"

Learn more about tricky words and how to teach a dyslexic child to read these words. See link below for more information and list of tricky words too practise.

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