Help Dyslexic Child to Enjoy Reading, Become Reading Champion Course For Parents, Carers And Teachers

Welcome to the "Reading Champions Challenge" course.

Become Reading Champion, Just 10 Minutes Per Day!

Help a dyslexic child to learn to enjoy reading.

This easy to follow course will help you:

  • Encourage the child to read books.
  • Practise reading with the child.

Research has shown that children who are surrounded by books and enjoy reading are more likely to do better at school. The activities below are designed to help them do this.

Why is Reading Important?

When children learn to enjoy reading, they are learning without even knowing it.

Reading regularly helps a child:

  • Practise Word Sounds
  • Boosts Literacy
  • Increase vocabulary
  • Learn to Listen
  • Building knowledge
  • Understanding of Cultures

Children benefit from reading for just 10 mins per day!

Reading Champions Challenge

The reading champions challenge takes just 10 mins per day:

  • Aim to read 1-2 books per week.
  • Get into a routine, for example reading before bed.
  • When the child has completed a book, mark it on the "reading champions chart".
  • Give them lots of praise for reading a book, maybe give a sticker as a reward.

To learn more watch the video below and see"Reading Champion Card"

Top Tips Become Reading Champions

There are many exciting books that children can choose to read. Books that will take them on great adventures and let them travel the world from their armchair. To help a child learn to love reading follow the tips below:

  • To get free books visit the library, organise book swaps with friends and ask for books as gifts.
  • Make visiting the library fun, combine it with a craft morning at the library.
  • For hesitant readers try comic books and large picture books to get them interested.
  • Get involved by reading together, show the child that you enjoy reading too.
  • If the child is very young or a weak reader. Read to them or look at the pictures together.
  • When reading take turns reading a line each, so the child does not get tired.
  • Older children that can read alone, make reading a treat. Let the child stay up for an extra hour past bedtime reading in bed.
  • Instead of rewarding the child with toys, sweets for achieving something. Instead allow them to choose a book.

How Did The Course Help?

  • Does the child read for pleasure, maybe before bed?
  • Do you regularly seek new books, maybe by going to the library?
  • What types of books does the child enjoy reading?

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