Is Dyslexia a Learning Disability? Learn the Facts

"Dyslexia is just a long word for thick!". Dyslexia has long been a misunderstood learning disability. As highlighted in this "BBC Dyslexia Article". In schools and the workplace, some people still hold negative views about dyslexia. Some doubt the existence of dyslexia. Doubt the capabilities of dyslexic people. I myself was bullied, humiliated by teachers at school. For what I recognise now as dyslexic traits. Would any other child with a disability have been treated this way, I wonder.

Is Dyslexia a Learning Disability?

When I got a free computer at university, due to being dyslexic. I got comments, about how dyslexia is not a proper disability. Some other students were unhappy I was getting special treatment. So is dyslexia a learning disability? Dyslexia is a learning difficulty, does this make it disability?

Learn more about "NHS Learning Disabilities".

Fact Dyslexia is a Learning Disability

  • A learning disability is a type of special educational need. It effects how a person learns new things. A child is usually born with this learning disability and it does not get any worse or better. Instead a person learns to cope with it.
  • Dyslexia is a learning disability. A person with dyslexia struggles to learn and to understand new information. Dyslexia is recognised as a protected disability within the U.K under the "2010 Equality Act".
  • Schools and workplace legally have to act to ensure. Dyslexic people are treated equally and reasonable adjustments are made to help them. Dyslexia is a learning disability. It should be treated without prejudice like any other disability.
  • Dyslexic people are still able to live independent lives. Dyslexia does not effect intelligence and it can be a positive. 40% of self-made millionaires are dyslexic. This can lead to people incorrectly believing it is not a real disability.

To learn more about and to understand what makes dyslexia a learning disability. See "Understand Dyslexia" section on my web-site. Watch this great video below by "Made by Dyslexia.

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