A Learning Words Game To Practise Word Sounds

A member of the local Brownies group, we used to play the childhood game. "I went to the shop and bought....." You may have memories of playing this game too. It is a simple game of remembering a shopping list of items. I have turned this simple game in to an activity. To make practising breaking words down into syllables, more fun for dyslexic children.

Breaking words down into syllables is one of the steps on the reading staircase. If a child is able to practice breaking words down, then they will become better readers.

Clapping Syllables Card Practice Phonetics

The Mooki Cards contain a “Clapping Syllables” card. To help dyslexic children practice word sounds and learn reading skills. Use the card below on your phone or tablet for free!

This card is based on scientific research, on "Rhythmic Processing in Children with Developmental Dyslexia".

Practise Syllables Climb Reading Staircase

  • For a child to become a good reader, they need to have strong foundations in phonetics. This means they need to able to break down words into sounds.
  • The first step on the reading staircase, is that a child can break down words in syllables. To ensure that a child goes on to develop good reading and writing skills.
  • The ability to words down into syllables, shows the child understands words. They are aware of the structure of words, that words can be broken down into sounds called phonetics.

Learn Word Sounds Improve Reading

Tops Tips from Dyslexic Mum

  • Clapping - Clapping is used in the game, when sounding out the syllables in the words. This is a form of multi-sensory learning. Dyslexic kids learn best when they use their whole body to learn. Moving, dancing, singing, helps them remember word sounds.
  • Have fun - This game makes learning fun, so the child does not even know they are actually practising word sounds. The "Mooki Cards contain many more fun educational games, such as "Rule of 10" card. Great for helping dyslexic children learn new spellings.
  • Family Fun - Get the whole family involved, play this "Clapping Syllables" game together. Choose a time when everyone is feeling relaxed, after dinner or on a Sunday afternoon.
  • Play Again - This card can be used time and time again. Use the "Syllable Words" list below, for extra words to practise. This card is also available in the "Dyslexic Mum Bag".

All the cards are available as part of a "Mooki Cards". Complete with 56 cards and storage wallet. Perfect for using at home or in the classroom. Order your "Mooki Cards" here!

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