Motivate, Praise and Encourage Dyslexic Child, use a Reward Chart

Kids will do anything for a sticker. My little girl does extra reading for her dyslexia at school and she get a sticker at the end. She proudly comes home showing off her sticker and we tell her "well done that is amazing!". Yet what is a sticker ? It's just a piece of paper.

Getting a sticker, a certificate, getting told well done. Shows the child that what they have done, what they have achieved is special. This makes children like my little girl, feel proud and happy. These small moments carry a child through life. I still remember winning a medal in a dancing contest at the age of 11, I still feel that sense of achievement. Rewards are a great way to motivate a child to do something and achieve. To help my little girl stay focused I used a rewards chart, it is on the card below for you to use now.

The Mooki Cards contain a “Reward Chart" card. Use the card below on your phone or tablet for free!

This card is based on scientific research, "Home-school Support Children with Dyslexia".

Praise & Reward Dyslexia

  • The brain releases the feel good chemical dopamine when it receives a reward. This motivates a person to repeat the same behaviour to achieve more rewards.
  • Positive praise, recognition of achievements in the form of stickers, medals, certificates. Creative positive memories in a child's mind. Which can help boost self esteem and confidence.
  • Working towards a goal, feeling motivated fulfills a basic psychological need. For a child to grow and interact with the world around them in a positive way.

Learn more about the psychology of motivation, see "Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs".

Motivate Dyslexic Child

Top Tips Dyslexic Mum

  • Small Goals - Use the reward chart to help the child achieve small manageable goals. Such as cleaning teeth every night. Making goals too big can make the child feel demotivated, if they struggle to achieve them. See my "Goal Ladders" card for more information about setting goals.
  • Healthy Rewards - Rewards given to a child don't have to be big and can be healthy. They are about showing you care and that you recognise how hard the child has worked. Give them stickers, homemade medals, certificates. Your time can be a reward, plan a family film night together or a trip to the playground at the local park.
  • Non Competitive - Reward the child for what they have done, what they have achieved by trying their best. Try to avoid making it into a competition, between their friends or siblings. All this will do make the child compare themselves to someone else. Which will led to the child feeling insecure and that they alone are not enough.

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