My Dyslexic Child is Struggling in School, What Can I do to Help?

Every parent, carers worries when their child is struggling and unhappy at school. When a child is struggling with reading and writing, it can effect everything. Their behaviour, confidence and motivation. As the work gets harder, they can fall further and further behind. Without the right support at the right time. The child may struggle to pass exams and gain future job opportunities.

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Give Support

  • Giving a dyslexic child the right support, at an early age is so important.
  • Dyslexic children need extra support. Even with a formal dyslexia assessment.
  • Unfortunately teachers, schools can only do so much to help.
  • The best thing parents, careers can do is, to spend extra time at home helping their child learn.
  • Practising reading, writing and spelling.

This extra practise, will help the child build strong foundations in English. Having strong foundations means the child will be more capable of doing harder work in class.

Use the links below for activities to help your child learn. Also includes advice about how to offer them the emotional support they need. To help the child build confident and become more motivated to learn.

Build Confidence

Help Child to Learn to:

What Should My Child Know?

See national curriculum checklists below. To understand what your child should be able to do. Use the links above to fill in any gaps in their learning.

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