What should a dyslexic child aged 5- 6 know? Year 1 National Curriculum

Are you a worried parent or carer of a dyslexic child? Are you concerned that the child might be falling behind in class? Are you confused about what a child aged 5-6 should be able to do?

Below is an "English" checklist for children aged 5-6. Based on the national curriculum.

Who the checklist is for:

On this page is my guide to the expected standard of English levels for children aged 5-6 in the UK.

And importantly how you can help them if they are struggling.

The checklist is for children aged 5-6 who are:

How The Checklist Works:

In year 1 the child should be learning the English work on the "The Key Stage 1 Checklist". Look through the checklist. Ask yourself, "is the child able to do the task?".

Try to spot the gaps in their learning. In each of the 7 sections there are links to“Mooki” cards and blog posts. Which are there to help you help your child.

When going through the list remember:

  • Children have a whole school year to learn the skills listed.
  • Teachers may teach English by doing a History or an Art project.
  • A child may be in year 1, yet could be catching up on “Reception" level work.
  • The checklist is a guide and it is not designed to replace formal education.

The Key Stage 1 Checklist:

1. Handwriting

Does The Child....

  • Write lowercase letters?
  • Write capital letters?
  • Write numbers 0-9?
  • Write hand-writing families?

Dyslexic Mum Tips - Practise handwriting, use activities below:

2. Reading Comprehension

Does The Child....

  • Listen to stories and talk about storyline?
  • Link stories to their own experiences?
  • Guess what might happen next in a story?
  • Know common fairytales?
  • Read rhyming books, join-in guessing the next word?
  • Remember and say nursery rhymes? 
  • Talk about what words mean?

Dyslexic Mum Tips - Use "Reading Champions" card, encourage reading.

3. Reading Words

Does The Child....

  • Read Words as Sounds?
  • Blend Sounds?
  • Read Tricky words?
  • Read words with syllables?
  • Read words with ending sounds?
  • Read Books Out-loud?
  • Read words? I’m, I’ll, we’ll
  • Read words? Helping, helped, quickest

Dyslexic Mum Tip - Practise reading, use activities below:

4. Writing Composition

Does The Child.....

  • Plan writing by saying it out-loud?
  • Speak ideas in full sentences, before writing down?
  • Write a short story, or answer to a question?
  • Read their own writing and say if it makes sense?
  • Read aloud own writing in front of people?
  • Talk about what they have written?

Dyslexic Mum Tip  - Practise, ask the child to write a short story.

5. Writing Transcription

Does The Child.....

  • Spell words spoken out-loud, by sounding them out? 
  • Spell common tricky words?
  • Spell days off the week?
  • Hear and write sentences spoken by teacher.
  • Name letters of alphabet in correct order?
  • Name words with similar sounds
  • Use "s and es"? birds, boxes
  • Use "un"? unbox, unpick

Dyslexic Mum Tip - Practise reading, use activities below:

6. Vocabulary, Grammar, Punctuation

Does The Child....

  • Leave spaces between words?
  • Write sentences, using joining words? and, or
  • Use full stops, commas, question marks?
  • Use capital letters? People, places, weekdays, capital "I"

Dyslexic Mum Tip - Practise, ask child to write a Birthday card.

7. Spellings

The spelling lists on the "Mooki Cards" below. Include words from the national curriculum, key stage 1 spelling list. All children in year 1 are required to be taught these spellings.

Key Stage 1 Test

Key stage 1 is taught in two parts. During year 1 and year 2. Try doing a government "National Curriculum" test paper. To see if your child is able to complete key stage 1 questions.

Note this test would normally be done at the end of key stage 1. When a child is in year 2.

Once your child is able to do most things on the checklist above. Next try the checklist for children, "Aged 6-7, Year 2 National Curriculum".

Teach at Home

For top tips on how to teach a child at home. See "How To Teach Dyslexic Child At Home, Step By Step Guide".

All the cards are available as part of a "Mooki Cards". Complete with 56 cards and storage wallet. Perfect for using at home or in the classroom. Order your "Mooki Cards" here!

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