Practise Phonics Sounds With Rhyming

Kids enjoy books with words that rhyme, such as stories by Doctor Seuss. My little girl loves any books by Julia Donaldson such as The Gruffalo and Stickman. At the heart of these stories are rhyming words, with titles such as “Room on the Broom” and “Snail and the Whale”.

Children enjoy rhyming books because they flow, with rhythm, like a song when read aloud. Children can have fun guessing what word comes next. Such as "Cat in the.........".  Did you guess the word?

Rhyming Tags Card to Practise Rhyming Sounds

The Mooki Cards contain a “Rhyming Tags” card. Play this fun game on the card below, to practise rhyming words with the child.

This card is based on scientific research, on "Children's Cognitive Development & Learning".

Rhyming Words on Reading Staircase

  • Rhyming words is one of the steps on the reading staircase. If a child is able to understand rhyming words, they will become better at reading and writing.  
  • Word sounds, is when a word is broken down into sounds, also known as phonics. For example “CL-O-CK”, for clock. Children learn to read by breaking down words into individual sounds.
  • Playing this simple rhyming words game is a lot more complicated than you would think. Children have to think about the word sounds and then think of another word that has a similar sound. This game allows the child to practise word sounds in a fun way.

Learn more about, "Teaching Reading Using Phonics".

Practise Learning Word Sounds

Top Tips Dyslexic Mum

  • Have Fun Playing - This “Rhyming Tags” card makes learning into a game. Play as part of family time, after dinner, on a car journey, get the whole family involved.
  • Use Word List - Use the “Rhyming Words” card, for a list of extra rhyming words. Play the game with new sounds, work your way through the list.
  • Treasure Hunt - Instead of saying words that rhyme, include a treasure hut. Can the child find objects around the house that rhyme, with for example “Cat”. Can they find a bath-mat or a sports hat?
  • More Rhyming Words: For more rhyming words see "Words List Cards" and "Rhyming Words for Kids".

All the cards are available as part of a "Mooki Cards". Complete with 56 cards and storage wallet. Perfect for using at home or in the classroom. Order your "Mooki Cards" here!

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