Top 10 Apps, What apps help Kids with Dyslexia?

My little girl loves computer games and is always asking to have the latest gaming apps downloaded onto her ipad.

She is dyslexic and struggles to read and write. Yet when using a phone, ipad or computer. She is fast to learn and her dyslexia does not hold her back.

We use educational dyslexia apps to help her learn to read and write at home. They don't feel like school work and my little girl enjoys using them.

We use a mix of ebooks, phonics apps and maths apps, as recommended by her school.

apps for kids with dyslexia

Dyslexia apps are a great way for children to learn to read and write. They can include games, quizzes and storytelling to help the child learn, in a dyslexic friendly way.

Dyslexic children learn best by seeing pictures, watching videos and hearing sounds.

Dyslexia apps often use multi-sensory learning to help the child learn. Giving dyslexic children the extra support they need in a busy classroom or at home.

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What are the best apps to help with dyslexia?

Apps to help with dyslexia, can help by supporting the child with their reading and writing.

Dyslexia apps for child aged 4-8

When the child is younger dyslexia apps can offer support with learning to read and write. The apps may use games, puzzles and activities, to help the child learn phonics, reading and spelling.

Dyslexia apps for child aged 8+

For older child that have learned the basics of reading and writing. Dyslexia apps can help them plan and write written work. Such as speech to text apps, that include spelling and grammar checkers.

Top Reading, writing spelling apps for dyslexic children

1. Nessy

Nessy is a comprehensive online reading program that utilises a multi-sensory approach, engaging different senses like sight, sound, and touch to reinforce learning. It offers a personalised learning experience, adapting to each child's pace and progress.

2. Dyslexia Gold

Dyslexia Gold is a versatile app that provides a range of activities, games, and exercises to target various aspects of literacy development, including phonics, spelling, and reading comprehension. It also offers a built-in assessment tool to track progress.

3. Word On

Word On is a word prediction app that helps dyslexic children overcome writing challenges. It predicts words based on the context, reducing the need for tedious typing and improving writing fluency.

4. ReadTwice

Read Twice is a text-to-speech app that allows dyslexic children to listen to text simultaneously as they read it. This auditory reinforcement can enhance comprehension and improve reading fluency.

5. Voice Dream Reader

Voice Dream Reader is another text-to-speech app that offers a variety of customisation options, including voice selection, reading speed, and highlighting features. It can also convert text into audio files for offline listening.

6. ABC Spelling Magic

ABC Spelling Magic is an interactive spelling game that uses a combination of visual, auditory, and movement cues to teach spelling rules. It offers a variety of game modes and difficulty levels to cater to different learning styles.

7. Montessori Words & Phonics

Montessori Words & Phonics is a phonics app that introduces children to the sounds and symbols of the English language. It uses interactive games, flashcards, and tracing exercises to make learning engaging.

8. Writing Wizard

Writing Wizard is a writing app that provides prompts, suggestions, and feedback to help dyslexic children improve their written expression. It also offers a built-in dictionary and thesaurus for reference.

9. Epic – Kids' Books & Reading

Epic is a digital library app that provides access to a vast collection of e-books and audio-books, offering a diverse range of genres and reading levels to cater to dyslexic children's interests.

10. KidDyslexiaTest

KidDyslexiaTest is a screening app that can help parents identify early signs of dyslexia in their children. It provides a series of simple assessments that can be done at home.

Highly Recommended Dyslexia Apps

Clipboard TTS

Clipboard TTS is a next-generation reading aid designed to supercharge your reading experience, reading your text with natural voices, translating languages on the fly, and even tailoring itself for dyslexia with features like highlighting, overlays, BoleCue & OpenDyslexic font. No more frustration, just smooth sailing through text overload. Claim your free trial & experience reading reimagined!

Spelling Wizard

Spell Wizards helps dyslexic children learn to spell, as it allows them to learn at their own pace, in a fun and engaging way; anywhere, anytime. One of the key benefits of the subscription, is the ability for the parent / carer to amend the amount of seconds that the word is initially shown on the easy level.  This makes it customisable to the child's needs.

Spell Wizards wraps every national curriculum spelling word in a sentence, which provides the context and which is also spoken to them, before being asked to key in the spelling. Press play, hear the voice, key in the spelling. For the first month free see link "Spelling Wizard 1 Month Free".

Dyslexia Apps Top Tips

Remember, every child with dyslexia is unique, and their learning needs may vary:

  • Experiment with different apps, to help the child best learn.
  • Combine apps with other support, such as extra help in the classroom.
  • Continue to use other types of assistive tech and learning tools.

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Free dyslexia Apps

There are many free dyslexia apps and low cost apps. That can assist a dyslexia child with their reading, writing and spelling. See top free dyslexia apps below:

Natural Reader - Text to speech, reads text outloud.

Ginger Grammar Checker - Spelling and grammar checker.

Mind Meister - For project planning and mind-mapping.

For more free dyslexia learning tools see "Top 10 Dyslexia Learning Tools".

spelling apps for dyslexia UK

Dyslexic children in the UK, need to learn the English spellings of words. The best spelling apps for UK children are listed below.

The apps use games and challenges to help the child learn spellings, which is good for dyslexic children.

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