Where can I get a Dyslexia Test for Adults in U.K?

At the age of 22 I was finally diagnosed with dyslexia. I had always known there was something different about me. Called dopey, lazy, stupid by my classmates and teachers. Yet I was extremely clever. Yes it took longer for me to learn new things, yet when I did I excelled.

As a little girl I struggled to learn how to read and write. When the teachers stood at the front of the class, I never understood their instructions. Back in the 1980's there were no classroom assistants in my school. In a class of 30 children I was seen as being problem, made to stand in the corridor for hours on end as punishment. For not doing work, that I did not know how to do.

I found a home in creative subjects, in doing art. Where there was no right or wrong answer. I had an amazing imagination and ability to make anything. This talent gave me a career and I found myself at university. Again the tutors were frustrated by my inability to organise myself and to write essays. Yet things had moved on since the 1980's and they sent me for a dyslexia test. Suddenly everything made sense, I was dyslexic and at last was given the help I needed.

If you are an adult that has the signs of dyslexia, it is never too late to have a test and get help. See below all the information you need to get started.

Adult Dyslexia Test U.K

Organising a dyslexia test is the same for a child and an adult. Schools do not organise formal dyslexia assessments. Parents, carers of dyslexic children have to arrange this themselves privately. Adults who think they are dyslexic can do the same. To learn about formal dyslexia assessments and how to organise them see link below. Note the information is the same for an adult, as it is a child.

Dyslexic Adults in Education

You maybe keen to have a dyslexia test, as you want to return to education. To be given a second chance to learn in a supportive environment. Something that you may not have had at school. Education has moved on a lot and there is lots of help, funding for dyslexic adults.

If you do think you have dyslexia. Universities and colleges will often organise a dyslexia assessments. If you do have dyslexia you may then be offered a private tutor to help you and be given extra money. To buy assistive tech for dyslexia, such as a laptop or software. To learn more see:

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