Will my Child have Dyslexia if I do? Is dyslexia inherited from mum and dad?

Dyslexia is a genetic disorder that can be inherited from either parent. This means:

  • If one parent has dyslexia, there is a 50% chance that their child will also have dyslexia.
  • If both parents have dyslexia, there is a 75% chance that their child will also have dyslexia.

Note that dyslexia is not always inherited and can sometimes be caused by other things. Such as exposure to toxins and prenatal complications.

Does dyslexia run in siblings?

Yes, dyslexia tends to run in families, so siblings of dyslexic children are more likely to have dyslexia:

  • The chances of a sibling having dyslexia if one sibling has it is around 40%.
  • This chance increases to around 50% if both parents have dyslexia.

The reason why dyslexia runs in families is because it is a genetic disorder:

  • Dyslexia is not always passed down from parent to child.
  • Some people with dyslexia will not have any family members with the disorder.
  • Not all children of parents with dyslexia will develop the disorder themselves.

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Is dyslexia maternal or paternal? (passed from Mum or Dad)

Research has shown that dyslexia can be caused by a combination of Mum and Dads genes. Yet a recent study showed:

  • Mums are more likely to pass dyslexia to child.
  • Girls are more likely to inherited the dyslexic gene from their Mum.
  • Another reason for this could also be that mums spend more time with their young children, the child may copy how they speak, read and write.

    Can dyslexia skip a generation? Come from Grandparents

    Dyslexia can skip a generation. This means that a person may have dyslexia even if neither of their parents does. The reasons why it can skip a generation are not fully understood.

    Dyslexia caused by changes in genes that affect how the brain processes language. These changes can make it difficult for people with dyslexia to read, write, and spell.

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