Day 4 Slow Down, Stress Less, Avoiding Angry Outbursts Parenting Workshop

Day 4 of the parenting workshop is about mindfulness. Teaching you how to show the child, how to relax and become less anxious. The task below needs to be completed with the child, it will take just 10-15 mins.

The avoiding angry outbursts parenting work-shop, is designed to help you learn how to help the child. Behind anger is often a mixture of negative emotions and self-beliefs. This can led to a child feeling angry and display as an angry outburst.

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Slow Down, Stress Less

Simple way to explain mindfulness to the child!

When you feel relaxed and happy, you may worry less. Things that would usually make you feel angry, sad, don't seem to do as much. You may feel braver to try things and believe you can. Lets do this task together to help you learn how to relax.

Task 4

Encourage the child to regularly practise mindful activities. Complete the Mindful Activities worksheet, with the child. To do this print or the work-sheet below. Then follow the instructions below:

Child Role

  • Can you collect all the activity badges? By trying every activity.
  • Start by choosing an activity to try, to help you relax. Do for at least 10 mins.
  • Show how it made you feel. By drawing a picture, writing a word or by scribbling a colour.

Adult Role

  • Use this activity to help the child learn how to relax.
  • Use the "Healthy Habits" and "Calming Yoga" card. For activity ideas.
  • Talk to the child about why certain activities made them feel positive.
  • Make time for them to do these activities daily or weekly. Maybe after homework to relax.

Example completed sheet

The child can try a different mindfulness activity from the worksheet to complete every day, or every few days. To encourage a calmer mind, repeat the activities they enjoy doing for 10 - 20 mins regularly. Or when the child is feeling stressed, upset, to give their mind a break from worrying.

Mum Diary

Coming towards the end of half-term my little girl has got more tense and anger. I have found it hard to even get her to leave the house for a walk. Fighting with her sister increased and shouting at mummy.

Today it all came to a head and she had an angry meltdown. After she had stopped shouting and hitting. I took her into a different room and we started to do mindful activities. I said she could choose anything from the worksheet, or do her own. She choose to do jig-saws and this really helped. My little girl was still tense, yet tired. Being away from TV, computer screens and doing something as simple as a jig-saw calmed her down more. When she had finished the jig-saw, she wanted to play "snakes and ladders".

The mindfulness activities made her more relaxed and less angry. We ended the day having fun together and it was nice to spent what felt like quality time together.

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