Dyslexia Training for Teachers & Parents Online, Easy 10 Min Course - Learn How to Help a Child Home & Classroom

Welcome to the 10 min dyslexia course. Learn how to help a dyslexic child in just 10 mins!

This dyslexia teacher training course will help you:

  • Understand Dyslexia
  • How it effects children
  • Learn how to help child

This course is easy to follow, all information is backed by science. With 10 min activities to help a dyslexic child at home and in the classroom.

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  • What is Dyslexia? Made Easy

    Dyslexia is a brain processing issue, this means the brain of a dyslexic child works in a different way. Usually dyslexia is first spotted in a child's writing, yet it can affect:

    • Emotions
    • Memory
    • Organisation
    • Motivation
    • Confidence
    • Ability to learn
    • Reading/writing

    Dyslexic children usually have poor short term memory. This means they may struggle to learn new things quickly.

    10 min Video - Top 5 Dyslexia Struggles

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    Facts About Dyslexia

    Dyslexia children often struggle with schoolwork, yet dyslexia does not effect intelligence. See some facts about dyslexia below:

    • 1 in 10 children have dyslexia
    • Usually linked to genetics
    • 30% of dyslexic children have ADHD
    • 40% of billionaires are dyslexic

    Help a Dyslexic Child in 10mins!

    Learn how to help a dyslexic child that is struggling:

    • Below see ways to help dyslexic children with their struggles.
    • Learn what is making them struggle and how best to help.
    • Includes links to 10 min courses with practical activities to help.

    Help Child Manage Emotions

    Dyslexic children feel emotions more and can struggle to control their emotions.

    • They can be prone to angry outbursts, withdrawn and unfocused behaviour

    The child can be helped by:

    • Being encouraged to talk about and overcome their problems.
    • Taught how to manage negative feelings.
    • Adopting health habits to improve their well-being.

    Do the 10 min courses below with the dyslexic child. Includes practical activities to help:

    Help Get Organised

    Planning and organisation can be a struggle for dyslexic children.

    • Memory issues can make it hard for the child to remember key dates.
    • A dyslexic child may struggle to get their ideas down on paper.
    • To plan things in a logical order and complete tasks in the right order

    The child can be helped by:

    • Using pictures and videos to learn.
    • Colour coding information to remember it.
    • Planning by using mind-maps.
    • Assistive technology, speech to text software.

    Do the 10 min course below with the dyslexic child. Includes practical activities to help:

    Motivate & Reward Child

    When learning is so hard for a dyslexic child, when their confidence has been knocked.

    • The child may lack the motivation to want to do things.
    • Starting to believe they cannot achieve things.

    The child can be helped by:

    • Give achievable goals to work towards.
    • Encourage by giving lots of praise to achieve them.

    Do the courses below with the dyslexic child. Includes 10 min practical activities to help:

    Help Build Confidence

    Dyslexia is a disability that makes it harder for a child to communicate and achieve in the traditional school system.

    • A dyslexic child may fall behind in class.
    • They may feel and be treated differently.
    • Starting to believe that who they are is not enough.

    The child can be helped by:

    • Speaking to them about dyslexia and how it may affect them.
    • Show them the many strengths that come with being dyslexia.
    • Talk about their talents and the jobs they can go on to do.

    Do the 10 min courses below with the dyslexic child. Includes practical activities to help:

    Help Reading, Writing & Spelling

    Dyslexia is usually spotted in a child at school because they are struggling to learn to read and write.

    • Young children may struggle to form letters correctly and to read letters/words.
    • As the child get older and they begin to read and write. They may struggle to spell and write words

    The child can be helped by:

    • Dyslexic children learn best by using multi-sensory learning.
    • Young children can be helped to read and write new words. By feeling, tasting, seeing touch words and letters.
    • Older children can be helped using memory techniques and games to help them remember.

    Do the 10 min courses below with the dyslexic child. Includes practical activities to help:

    Help Child Communicate Better

    All the issues above can make it harder for a dyslexic child to focus and take in new information.

    • Dyslexic children can find it hard to communicate when they are struggling.
    • It may appear that they are not listening, yet instead they may not have understood.
    • The child may have many ideas, yet they find it hard to communicate their thoughts.

    The child can be helped by:

    • Being able to easily communicate when they are struggling.
    • Being encouraged to speak about tasks, to check they understand.
    • Using mind-maps to get ideas down on paper quickly.

    Do the 10 courses below with the dyslexic child. Includes practical activities to help:

    Extra Helpful Courses

    Understanding what help a dyslexic child should get can be so confusing for parents and even teachers. see the simple to understand guides below so you can explain the dyslexic support and assessment process to parents/ careers and you team.

    Dyslexia Courses for Teachers

    Below are more dyslexia courses for teachers:

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