Help Dyslexic Child Build Confidence, Self-esteem and Ambition Course for Parents, Carers and Teachers

Welcome to the "Build Confidence, Self-esteem and Ambition " course. For parents/carers and teachers of dyslexic children.

Try 3 activities, Just 10 minutes per Day!

Help a dyslexic child to become more confident. By building their self-esteem and future ambitions.

This easy to follow course will help you:

  • Show the child successful dyslexic people.
  • Talk to the child about their own talents.
  • Help the child understand what jobs they could do.

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How do you build confidence in a dyslexic child?

Help to build a dyslexic child's confidence, by boosting their self-esteem and future ambitions. Dyslexic children may struggle at school, this can make them lack self-belief and have negative feelings.

The child can be encouraged to see their own talents and strengths by:

  • Giving lots of praise
  • Praising even small achievements
  • Talking about their talents
  • Focusing on personal skills (being kind)
  • Having lots of clubs, friends, hobbies
  • Showing them famous dyslexic people

Boosting a dyslexic child's confidence can help them feel more positive and believe they can achieve things. The activities below will provide the child with the skills to do this.

What are the strengths of a dyslexic child?

To learn more about the strengths dyslexic people have, watch the video "Dyslexic Thinking" below:

Dyslexic children are likely to have the following strengths:

  • Good Imagination
  • Creative Ideas
  • Problem Solvers
  • Thinking in 3D
  • Emotionally Intelligent

Top Tips Course

The 3 activities take just 10 mins per day:

  • Aim to try all 3 activities in 1 week, what days will you do the tasks?
  • Do them with the child, in a quiet place with no distractions.
  • Do each task on different days, to stop the child becoming overwhelmed.

Remember if the child has low self-esteem, they may struggle to know their strengths. Lots of encouragement and positive praise will help during this task.

Task 1 Dyslexic Brain

Use Super-powered Brain Card

Help the child to understand how the dyslexic brain is different and maybe good at many things.

  • Ask the child what they are good at using the "Super-powered Brain" card.
  • Explain to the child that dyslexic people may use the "creative" right side of their brain more.
  • The child's strengths as highlighted can be used towards making the "self-esteem sun" in task 2.

Below is a worksheet that you can draw or print for use during the task. The child can circle what they are good at on the sheet.

Task 2 Build Self-esteem

Use Self-esteem Sun Card

Help the child to understand their strengths and talents

  • Ask the child to make a "Sun-esteem Sun" usinfg the "Self-esteem Sun" card.
  • Ask the child to draw or write things that they are good at, such as talents and personal qualities.
  • Put the self-esteem sun somewhere the child can see it, such as next to their bed.

When the child is lacking self-belief, remind them of their talents on the "Self-esteem Sun".

Below is a worksheet that you can draw or print for use during the task.

Task 3 Extraordinary Jobs

Use Extraordinary Jobs Card

Help the child to understand their strengths and talents

  • Ask the child which job that they would be good at, using the "Extraordinary Jobs" card.
  • Use the self-esteem sun to help the child remember their talents and personal qualities.
  • Get the child to do a drawing of them doing that job or make a fancy dress outfit as below.

How Did The Course Help?

  • Does the child know their own strengths and talents?
  • What future job or ambition does the child have?
  • Has the child's self-belief improved?

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