Play Animal Word Game to Spot Missing Word Sounds

When my dyslexic little girl started struggling at school. The first thing I did was rush out and buy phonetic workbooks, so she could practise her writing at home. I found they were cheap to buy, yet I needed to buy many, the cost soon added up.

The books were all the same, teaching a children how to read by breaking words down into sounds. The main activity was for the child to spot the missing start or end sound in a word. A picture was included next to the word, so my little girl enjoyed doing it. I realised all I need was a list of words broken down into sounds and I could make my own. My little girl loves animals, so I drew pictures of animals next to the words. I have now turned this idea into the card below for you to use.

Start and End Sounds Card

The Mooki Cards contain a “Start and End Sounds” card. To help dyslexic children practice word sounds and learn reading skills. Use the card below on your phone or tablet for free!

This card is based on scientific research, on "Persistence of Dyslexic's Phonological Awareness Deficits".

Start & End Sounds Phonics

  • Words are made-up of groups of letters, these are called phonetical sounds. There are many phonetical sounds and words can be grouped by words that share the same sounds. Such as "Flower" and "Florist", share the same starting sound "Fl".These are called "Word Families". To practise words that share the same sounds, see "Practice Word Sounds Game To Help A Child With Dyslexia At Home" card.
  • For a child to be able know the sound missing from the words on the card above. They need to be able to break words down into phonetical sounds. This shows they understand how words are structured, so they can read and write them easier.
  • Start and End Sounds is step 5 on the "The Foundations of Reading: Back To Basics For Children With Dyslexia". Practising all the steps on the reading staircase. Helps the child build strong foundations in reading and they will do better at school.

Learn Word Sounds Improve Reading

Tops Tips from Dyslexic Mum

  • Favourite Animal - Make the game more fun. Let the child choose which animal they will do next on the card. Maybe the child will complete them, in order of their favourite animals.
  • Fun Learning - This game makes learning fun. So the child does not even know they are actually practising word sounds. The "Mooki Cards contain many more fun educational games, to help child become a better reader. See "The Foundations of Reading: Back To Basics For Children With Dyslexia" for links to more cards that help practise word sounds.
  • Play Again - This card can be used time and time again. See the "High Frequency Words Lists for Children Learning To Read With Dyslexia" list, for extra words to practise. Write the word with missing sound on a piece of paper. Show the child a picture that matches the word, to make it easier for them. You can do this by drawing a picture, or by finding them in magazines or on the internet.

All the cards are available as part of a "Mooki Cards". Complete with 56 cards and storage wallet. Perfect for using at home or in the classroom. Order your "Mooki Cards" here!

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