Spot Dyslexia in Child's Writing, Look for Common Signs

My little girl was happy at nursery and pre-school. She loved playing, made friends and was the same as the other children in her class. Then she started school and things began to change.

It became more serious, time to start learning how to read and write. This is when many parents, careers like myself, may start to notice that their child is a bit different. That their bright child is struggling in class, needing extra support. Could it be that the child has dyslexia?

Search on the internet for, “Signs of Dyslexia”. Things like messy, disorganised, good and bad days comes-up. A teacher may say well, all kids are messy, or we all have bad days and not offer any dyslexia help.

Looking for signs of dyslexia in a child's writing, means you have clear examples to show the child’s teacher. o they get the extra help they need.

Examples of dyslexia writing

  • Write’s letters the wrong way round: "b instead of d".
  • Spells the same word wrong, in different ways: “dog, dgo, doog, bog”. 
  • Uses upper case letters when not needed: "wAtEr".
  • Missing out letters in words or words in sentences. “T_ee”.
  • Not writing in a straight line / scribbled handwriting.
  • Finds it hard to write letters by hearing instructions: "Write the letter A".

If you spot 3 or more of the signs above, speak to your child's teacher. Give them 3 clear examples of why you believe your child is dyslexic, ask them to help.

Spot Dyslexic Writing Card

The Mooki Cards contain a “Spot Dyslexic Writing” card. To help you, get help for the dyslexic child. Learning to speak so teachers understand. Use the card below on your phone or tablet for free!

This card is based on scientific research, on "Writing Problems in Developmental Dyslexia".

Dyslexia Writing Common Signs Kids

  • The signs of dyslexia can be spotted in a child’s writing. They may have common patterns in their writing. Repeating the same grammatical error over and over again. See card above for examples.
  • Errors in dyslexic writing are different from those found in a child that is learning to write. A child that is learning to write will make grammatical error. These errors will improve over time. A dyslexic child may need extra support and techniques to use to  avoid making such errors.
  • Dyslexic does not go away. However the child can learn to remember spellings and improve their writing style. Assistive technology can help them spot if they have missed out words in sentences. It does this by reading their writing back to them.

Learn more about signs of dyslexia, “Signs Of Dyslexia In 5 To 10 Year Olds”.

Dyslexic Writing Kids Examples

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