What Should Dyslexic Children at Primary School Know? National Curriculum

To help a dyslexic child learn and to do well at school. Firstly you need to understand what they should be able to do. What a child of their age, attending a U.K primary school is expected to be able to do.

National Curriculum

The national curriculum decides what a child learns at school. Teachers have to deliver what the national curriculum tells them to teach. This changes and becomes more difficult as the child gets older.  

Children learning English in U.K primary schools. Will be working at the key stages listed below. Ideally a child should have completed all the work set for their year group. By the national curriculum, before being moved onto new work.

Primary Schools U.K

  • Key Stage 1 = Ages 5-7 - Year 1-2
  • Key Stage 2 = Ages 7-11 - Year 3-6

Why do Dyslexic Children Struggle?

In a class of 35 children. Some born in September, others nearly a year later in July. All working at different levels. It is difficult for teachers to teach all the children the same thing, all at once. Dyslexic children, being slower to learn. They need more help than other children in their class. Without the right support, a dyslexic child will often be moved onto new work too quickly. Left unable to do the work taught in class that day, with no chance to relearn this work.

Relearn Basic English

To help a dyslexic child you need to know what they don’t know. They will often have gaps in their learning, and may not know the basics of English. Unable to read, write and spell basic 2, 3, 4 letter words. This means doing harder work, like writing essays becomes much more difficult. A dyslexic child at this stage, would benefit from relearning basic English.

National Curriculum Checklists

Use the “National Curriculum” checklists below. To spot gaps in the dyslexic child’s English levels. The checklist includes links to “Mooki” cards, with activities you can do with the child to help them learn. Using scientifically proven, dyslexia friendly teaching methods.  

Teach at Home

For top tips on how to teach a child at home. See "How To Teach Dyslexic Child At Home, Step By Step Guide".

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