Week 4 Dyslexic Mum Bootcamp - Reading Champions

Welcome to week 4 of the Dyslexic Mum boot-camp. The theme this week is "Reading Champions".

Note this bootcamp originally ran during the six week summer holidays. You can now do the bootcamp in your own time, by completing the activities below.

Week 4 is all about learning activities that will help your child become a reading champion. These activities will only take ten minutes a day, but you can spend more time if you like.

Week 4 Reading Champions

These activities will only take ten minutes a day, but you can spend more time if you like.

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This week, we're going to focus on helping your child become a reading champion. To help them become better at reading and to learn to love reading.

Dyslexia can effect a child's ability to learn to read and write. Yet it can be a positive thing and bring many other qualities. We will start the week by looking at the Super-powered people card. To help your child understand what amazing things people with dyslexia have achieved.

Next, we'll try an activity to help check that your child understands. It can sometimes appear that dyslexic children are not listening to instructions. This activity can be used to check that your child has understood what they need to do, it can be used at both home and in the classroom.

Finally, we will work towards helping your child become a Reading Champion. Working towards climbing the reading staircase, by playing fun 10 minute games.

On-Line Support

Whilst you complete the boot camp, I'll be available to answer your questions and provide support. If you complete the activities, feel free to take a picture and share it with the group. For on-line support join the "Dyslexia Mums Support Group U.K" on Facebook.

Mums Boot-Camp Diary

I completed the six week boot-camp, during the summer holidays. Doing the 10 activities each day with my own little girl. Here is how it went:

My little girl was very proud after we did the activity today.

To learn about all the wonderful things dyslexic people have done. She struggles with writing so was amazed to hear. Someone with dyslexia was a best selling book author. Learning that dyslexia did not need to stop her from doing anything.

I asked her which of the people would like to become. She pointed at the racing car driver. She loves playing Mario Carts on her computer and would love to do this. Sometimes it is better for a child to have belief in themselves. To dream big about their futures. Who knows, maybe she will become a famous racing car driver. Watch this space!!

After doing the activities on the "Hear Instructions" card. We tried using the card to practise new words. I said to her "you need to copy every word on the list in rainbow colours". My little girl repeated the instructions back and practised her writing. When I next speak to her school teachers, I am going to ask "how do you check my little girl understands instructions in class?".

Today we started working towards the "Reading Champion" card. I got my little girl to choose her 10 favourite books to read.

The books I had read aloud to her many times, yet she has never read them out-loud herself. We agreed instead of me reading at bed-time, she would have a go instead. There is no rush to read all 10. Yet when she does we will tick one of on her "Reading Champions" card. When she has read all 10, as a special treat I will buy her a book of her choice.

None of the books we have cost alot of money. I got them from school car boot sales, charity shops or as presents from family.

This card was not so much a activity, more a information card. So I used it to speak to my little girl, about how learning to read was like climbing a staircase. We used 6 books to build a staircase for her Lego figures. When we do each activity on the reading staircase, we will put a Lego figure on it. To show she has practised that step on the reading staircase. Doing this has made learning more fun.

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